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Expert Advice on Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Windows in Newcastle

Deciding what type of blinds to buy for your windows in Newcastle can be a tricky decision. There are so many designs, colours and materials available that determining the best option for your space can often feel overwhelming. It pays to have expert knowledge on hand to ensure you end up with the perfect set of blinds that match your style and purpose. In this blog post, they will guide you through some key considerations when choosing the right kind of window coverings for your Newcastle home. It will explore the different types available, discuss energy-saving options, highlight cost-effective solutions and more – arming you with plenty of information on Newcastle blinds to help ensure you make the correct choice from start to finish!

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The different types of blinds and their benefits

Blinds can be an excellent choice for window coverings, as they offer a versatile range of styles and materials to suit your aesthetic and practical needs. Common styles of blinds include; Venetian, roller, vertical, roman and pleated – each with its unique characteristics.

Venetian blinds are a popular option due to their sleek and stylish appearance, while roller blinds are a good choice if you are looking for flexibility. Vertical blinds can be great for larger windows, providing enormous coverage without compromising on space. Roman blinds can bring a modern twist to your home with their luxurious design. Pleated blinds are perfect for those who want to experiment with bolder patterns and colours, as they come in various styles.

No matter your style, all blinds provide an effective solution to light control and privacy. They can be opened or closed to allow the perfect amount of sunlight into your home and are also great for blocking the sun’s glare.

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How to measure your windows for the perfect fit

Blinds need to fit the window perfectly, or they won’t look great or work properly. To ensure a perfect fit, follow these steps:

1. Measure the width of the recess or track in which the blind will be fitted

2. Measure the drop (the length) of the track

3. Choose your blinds and enter your measurements when ordering

4. Install your blinds carefully, ensuring that the width is correct and any gaps are minimal

You can enjoy the perfect amount of light and privacy in your home with a perfect fit.

What style of blinds will work best with your home décor

Blinds bring in the room’s aesthetic and can add a specific style to your décor. Before purchasing, consider these points:

1. What window shape do you have? Are there any obstructions that would limit the type of blinds available?

2. Consider the overall theme of your space. Do you want something classic and timeless or modern and sleek?

3. Consider the amount of light and privacy needed. Do you want blackout or sheer shades that filter in the light?

4. Choose a colour that complements your décor and makes the space cohesive.

5. Don’t forget to measure your windows to ensure the blinds fit perfectly!

Which materials are the most durable and easy to clean

Blinds can be made of different materials, including wood, faux wood, aluminium and vinyl. Wood blinds are classic and timeless, while faux wood is a more affordable option that still looks high-end. Aluminium is lightweight and durable but can be susceptible to dents and scratches. Vinyl is also lightweight, making it easy to install, but it may turn yellow with age or fade in direct sunlight. For maximum durability, faux wood or aluminium blinds are a great choice.

For easy cleaning, choose a material that can be wiped down with a damp cloth, such as vinyl or PVC. If you prefer the look of wood or aluminium blinds, opt for a dust-resistant finish to make them easier to clean.

How to install your new blinds

Installing your blinds will depend on the type of blinds you purchase. Venetian and roller blinds typically require a bracket to be attached to the wall or window frame, while roman, vertical and pleated blinds will need unique tracking systems. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, hiring a professional installer may be worthwhile to ensure that your blinds are correctly fitted.

For the best results, always read the instructions before starting and take extra care when measuring for any blinds that need to fit a specific size window or frame.

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When choosing blinds for your home or office, Blinds Newcastle Professionals offers several options that will fit any decor style. Whether you prefer the classic look of wooden blinds, the contemporary flare of metal blinds, or something more whimsical like bamboo shades, they have what you need. Moreover, with their competitive prices and excellent customer service, Blinds Newcastle Professionals will help provide the perfect blind for any room. So if you’re looking to upgrade your window coverings and improve the overall appearance of your space, call Blinds Newcastle Professionals today!