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Newcastle Museum

About Newcastle Museum

Venture into Newcastle’s history through the Newcastle Museum’s welcoming doors. Established as a grand Bicentennial project in 1988, it stands tall in the Honeysuckle Railway Workshops as a beacon of heritage and culture. Since 4 August, 2011, the museum has been a treasure trove of mesmerizing stories and fascinating exhibits relating to the city and its people. Come, experience and immerse yourself in Newcastle’s rich and captivating journey.

Once upon a time, a group of brilliant minds came together to make their regional Museum dreams a reality. They had their sights set on the Honeysuckle Railway Workshops but failed to acquire the land. Determined to make it happen, they pivoted and set their sights on the old Castlemaine Brewery in Newcastle West. After restoring the building, the Museum opened its doors in 1988 and remained there for two decades. But as time passed, they decided to level up and move to a brand new location. And thus, the modern-day Newcastle Museum was born in Honeysuckle, ready to capture the hearts of visitors from far and wide.


What to do at Newcastle Museum

A trip to the Newcastle Museum is a journey back in time to the days of classic railway architecture. Nestled within the iconic Honeysuckle Railway Workshops, this museum boasts three historic buildings that have been listed with the National Trust. Marvel at the engineering marvels of the Locomotive Boiler Shop, the New Erecting Shop, and the Blacksmith and Wheel Shop. This is one visit that is sure to captivate both history buffs and railway enthusiasts.

Step back in time to 1880 and experience the history of the Blacksmith’s shop, one of the oldest buildings at the Newcastle Museum. This beautifully crafted brick structure played a crucial role in the site’s operations, providing wheel and smithing services to other workshops for 55 years. Now, it’s been transformed into an enclosed exhibition space that will take you on a journey through our city’s rich heritage. Meanwhile, the Wheel Shop has taken on a new life as a venue for hire, complete with a stunning theatrette that’s perfect for any event. Come and explore the past while enjoying the modern amenities at Newcastle Museum.


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