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Retractable Awnings: Let's Make Your Home Look Great!

With retractable awnings, you can take back control of your home’s exterior and enjoy the comfort it provides. When retractable awnings are installed onto your home, they will make it look great! There are many different types of retractable awnings to choose from.

One type is a retractable fabric with either an aluminium or steel frame stretched between them. The fabric on this retractable awning is usually made from polyester or acrylic fabrics to stay durable for long periods.

The best way to give your home an upgrade

Here at Blinds Newcastle Pro, we believe that retractable awnings are the best way to give your home an upgrade. We want you to have complete control of how your house looks and feel without compromising quality.

We have retractable awnings that are made of fabric and retractable awnings that use aluminium. All retractable types come with warranties, so you know they’re going to last!

The best thing about our retractable awnings is their durability. It can withstand heat up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit without being damaged at all! It’s also great for getting shade from the sun or blocking out the rain on those stormy days. You’ll never need more than one umbrella again once you get your retractable awning installation in your home or business location.


    retractable awnings installation in Newcastle

    Retractable Awnings: great for outdoor protection

    We aim to provide retractable awnings that work great for both residential and commercial use. All of the retractable awning fabrics are designed to suit your home’s style, so you don’t have to worry about them looking out of place or not being in line with what you’re trying to achieve!

    There are two main types of retractable awnings: those made from fabric and those using aluminium frames. Both styles come with warranties, guaranteeing their quality and durability. It also blocks rain which makes it perfect during stormy days when there is no other protection! Now you’ll never need an umbrella, and you’ll be able to come home after a long day at work without worrying about being drenched.

    We offer retractable awnings in both residential and commercial capacities for any style of installation. Whether it’s retracting straight or from an angle, the retractable roof is sure to meet your needs! This kind of protection will help keep out the rain and the wind so that when you walk into your house again all dry with no worries about what hit stormy weather outside, you can put them up but not bother taking them down until lousy weather rolls around again.

    retractable awnings for sun protections

    Let's Make Your Home Look Great!

    Specifically designed for residential and commercial establishments, retractable awnings are crafted with quality fabric ranges and style that suit your home. They’re excellent for creating an outdoor living space when retracting straight, while the angled retractable awnings are perfect for patios or decks to provide shade without blocking any views.

    The retractable awnings will help keep you dry from precipitation as well as block out the unwanted wind, so when you go back into your house after getting wet, it’s all dried up!

    Benefits of Retractable Awnings

    Many benefits come with it. Let’s look at them below:


    retractable awnings are retracting, so you can control the amount of coverage desired.


    retractable awnings come in different colours and styles to suit any home decor or style.


    retractable awnings are retracting, so they protect your home from harmful weather conditions, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

    Easy Assembly

    retractable awnings come with installation kits to make it easy for anyone to use simple tools!


    we offer many benefits without breaking the bank. You get more protection at less cost than traditional window blinds, or shades would provide. Also, retractable awnings save energy costs by blocking light during warmer months when natural lighting is abundant!


    we offer an easy way for its user to retract them when needed. You need to pull down on your cord, and they will go back into place without needing much effort at all, meaning that if one needs more shade, they have no problem getting it by using their retracting shades!

    Lightweight Design

    retractable awnings are lightweight to ensure easy handling and storage in homes with limited space available. It means that no need for


    retractable awnings will not interfere with your home’s design or colour scheme.

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    For retractable awnings, we have retractable and retracting models that can provide the perfect amount of shade. These awnings are ideal for your home as well! Call us now to get Free Quote.


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