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Casual Roman Blinds: Simplicity in Any Setting

Easy to Use and Stylish Roman Blinds

Blinds Newcastle Pro offers high quality roman Blinds installation services

Casual Roman blinds are a great way to add some understated elegance to any room. They can dress up or down your space depending on the style of window coverings you choose, and their simplicity means they will fit into any decorating scheme.

Roman blinds offer all the comfort of traditional Roman shades without a formal look, so many people desire these days. With our vast range of fabrics and colours available, there is no limit to what you can do with your casual Roman blind!


    high quality roman Blinds installation services

    The Best Roman Blinds in Newcastle

    Here at Blinds Newcastle Pro, we offer the best Roman Blinds in Newcastle. We can help you find the perfect Roman blind for your needs, and we offer a wide range of colours to choose from so that you’re sure to get something that will match any décor style.

    We offer Roman Blinds at affordable prices too! Our company is proud to be one of Newcastle’s leading Roman blind suppliers. We aim to provide our customers with Roman blinds of the highest quality at affordable prices.

    custom window blinds at the best price offers by Blinds Newcastle Pro

    Roman Blinds for a More Relaxed Look

    An understated Roman blind offers a more relaxed look for your home. Roman shades are traditionally seen as high-end window furnishings because of the intricate work of making them. Still, with our casual Roman blinds, you can enjoy all the same benefits without appearing to be too formal or traditional.

    The simplicity of this style means they will fit anywhere in your home, so they are a perfect choice for people who like to switch up their decor often. Roman blinds also offer excellent privacy, which is a massive benefit for people who live in smaller spaces.

    Top Advantages of Roman Blinds

    There are so many benefits to Roman blinds that it’s hard to list them all. To give you an idea of what our customers love the most about these window treatments, here are a few:


    Roman blinds can be used as room dividers, Roman shears, and roller shades.


    Roman Blinds are available in a wide range of prices to suit any budget.

    Easy Care

    Our Roman blinds have an easily washable fabric option for people who don’t want the hassle of constantly cleaning their window treatments.

    Reduce Fading

    Roman Blinds will reduce the amount of harsh sunlight that enters your home, helping to save you money on expensive upholstery cleaning.

    No Tension Rod

    Roman Blinds don’t require a tension rod that could interfere with your window frame, saving you from having to deal with complex installation issues.

    Energy Efficient

    Roman Blinds will help your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer during winter.

    Suitable for Tight Spaces

    Roman blinds are often the only option for people who live in smaller spaces.

    Enjoy luxury without sacrificing style

    If you’re looking to add luxury and style without sacrificing simplicity, Roman blinds are the perfect window treatments for you. With an elegant design that doesn’t require a rod or any complex blinds installation issues, Roman Blinds can turn your home into the luxurious space of your dreams in just one day.

    Contact us today to find the perfect Roman blinds for your home.


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