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Are you looking for Blinds in Newcastle? When it comes to curtains, Blinds and Shutters, we are the local experts. Call us today and find out about our affordable rates.

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a living room with sofa and indoor plants with blinds and shutters installed in the window

Blinds Newcastle Professionals is fast becoming a leading supplier and installer of quality, affordable blinds, awnings, shutters, and curtains within the Newcastle area. Give your room a make-over and add a touch of warmth and cosiness to your window décor with our fantastic range of window coverings. In winter, your space can be warm and cosy, and when summer comes, fresh air and an abundance of light can flood in. Our window fittings not only allow for privacy but are also energy efficient no matter the season.

Contact Blinds Newcastle NSW today to find out more. We can provide you with a no-obligation on free measure and quote on blinds and shutters in Newcastle as well as Plantation Shutters Newcastle.


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    We supply and fit all types of blinds. Our blinds are custom-made to meet all your requirements. Whatever your chosen style, roller blinds, blackout blinds, Venetian blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, we have got it all covered.

    man holding a hand drill to install a roller blinds and a girl to assist

    Roller Blinds

    If you have been searching for “Roller blinds Newcastle” online, you have found the right place! Roller blinds are some of the most popular blinds for homes and offices. They are simple, straightforward and give a modern look to any space. Roller blinds come in hundreds of colours, patterns, and designs, enhancing any living or workspace. They also come in a variety of transparencies, including black-out thickness.

    an home office set up with blue coloured roman blinds

    Roman Blinds

    Roman blinds are perfect for most windows in most rooms of the home. They are a high-quality dressing for your window, which a more compact choice than curtains. They offer privacy, light control, style, elegance, and optimal functionality. This classic design of blinds is a popular choice amongst our customers’ thanks to our range of patterns, textures, colours, and custom-made features. Why not contact us today to see what Roman blinds we can create for your home?

    white coloured vertical window blinds

    Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds are incredibly versatile. They can cover windows of all sizes, even those that are large. There are many options for sizing, and some styles even go up to 500cm in length. They can also be installed across bi-folding doors. This type of blinds also reduces dust-gathering thanks to their vertical-style! There are many types of fabric options, including different textures, patterns, colours, and options for the chain fittings and cords.

    venetian blinds horizontal slats to control the light entry into the room

    Venetian Blinds

    Venetian blinds are a versatile option if you want to control light entry into the room to a greater extent, as the horizontal slats can be tilted to varying degrees. Venetian blinds come in various materials, colours, sizes and finishes, from wood effect, aluminium, titanium, shades of all colours, thin slats, and larger slats. There is a combination to suit every window in the home or office.

    Panel Blinds

    Panel blinds create a contemporary look to complement larger windows and sliding doors. These blinds are so versatile on windows but can also be used as room dividers or partitions. For a show-stopping and contemporary oriental feel, they have a stunning effect on your space. Panel blinds are sometimes known as Japanese blinds, panel glide systems, or sliding panel blinds.



    Your outdoor space could be transformed with an awning no matter what the weather or season. We have a massive range of different awning types available to install, including folding arm awnings, automatic awnings and Zip Track awnings. For all things blinds and awnings Newcastle, get in touch with us today at Blinds Newcastle



    Although we are known as Blinds Newcastle, we could be Blinds and Shutters Newcastle, too, as blinds are not our sole remit! Shutters add a whole new air of sophistication to any home, thanks to their timeless elegance. Blinds Newcastle offers a range of designs for shutters both outside and within your home, including Louvre and plantation shutters in a variety of materials and finishes. Why not opt for something a little different?

    wooden blinds and shutters installed in the Newcastle window
    smiling girl looking at the window curtain with blinds installed
    wiping a blinds and shuttered intalled in the crystal window
    a living room with sofa and indoor plants with blinds and shutters installed in the window

    Plantation Shutters

    For an elegant and smart look, plantation shutters are ideal. They are custom-made for your windows and add benefits aside from their aesthetic appearance. They can reduce noise, control light, and increase insulation in any room. For plantation shutters in Newcastle NSW, contact us at Blinds Newcastle Professionals today to see how we can transform your windows.

    venetian blinds installed in a window by Blinds Newcastle


    The Blinds Newcastle team can make even the coolest or largest rooms appear comfortable and cosy thanks to our range of custom-made curtains. We go the extra mile to make sure that the curtains you choose are measured to your property’s needs to ensure that they not only fit perfectly but that they also look great.

    custom blinds house installation in the door and the window


    Many of our products are customisable in terms of whether they offer motorised or manual opening and closure. We offer a full installation service or supply the products for you to fit yourself, depending on your requirements. There is nothing easier than being able to open and close your window coverings with the flick of a switch or the touch of a button!

    a picture showing a hand adjusting the blinds opening

    Putting the Finishing Touches to Your Home

    Window coverings, fixtures, and fittings add the finishing touch to any room in any home. Without anything at your window, your rooms can be exposed to too much light, too much warmth, onlookers can see in, and the room can also be too cold in the winter months. Thanks to our vast range of window fixtures and fittings, your home can now be finished with the utmost practicality and elegance.

    People Also Ask:

    How much should I pay for blinds?

    As you can imagine, the prices of blinds and shutters vary greatly depending on your wants and needs. The size, materials, and type of blinds play a considerable part in determining costs. Small, single-window blinds can be reasonably inexpensive to make and install. This can be as little as $50. However, for larger-sized blinds made from the highest quality materials, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,000.

    What is the cheapest type of blinds?

    The cheapest type of blinds to both buy and fit tend to be aluminium or vinyl Venetian blinds or vinyl roller blinds. Whilst they are inexpensive, they do not tend to retain heat well, so consider your needs for heat retention too.

    Which type of blinds is the best?

    The type of blinds that will suit your home or workspace best will depend on your needs and the room. If you want blinds to keep in the heat, keep out the heat, keep out the light, allow for light, or look beautiful, the types of blinds that are best for you will be different. Why not get in touch with our expert team in our Customer Service department, who will be able to guide you through all your options and the best options for your curtains and blinds in Newcastle.

    What is the average cost to install window blinds?

    Window blind installation varies depending on the type of blind and the difficulty in installing it. Get in touch with us, and we will give you a detailed quotation, including installation for all Newcastle blinds and shutters.

    Which is better, curtains or blinds?

    Curtains and blinds both offer different possibilities in terms of their features. Curtains can be bulkier than blinds, offering increased warmth and flair than most blind designs. Why not contact our Customer Services department, who will aid you in your decision as to whether curtains or blinds would suit your room and your needs best? We can help you with all the curtains and blinds!

    How much are blinds for a whole house?

    This is a difficult question to answer without more details, such as the number of windows and the type of coverage you want. If you have been searching for “blinds Newcastle area” or “window shutters Newcastle NSW”, you have found the right place! We can fit blinds to whole houses as part of a renovation or building projects, and we also take on commercial contracts for large-scale blind fitting.

    Can you install blinds yourself?

    Most of the time, you can install blinds yourself without too much difficulty. However, we always recommend that you ask a professional to install your blinds so that you can be reassured that they are fitted correctly and will not fall unexpectedly. Additionally, we can ensure that all cords are stowed safely, which is essential, particularly if you have young children.

    Are wooden blinds expensive?

    People often shy away from wooden blinds as they believe that they are too expensive. However, wooden blinds offer a look of sophistication and elegance that rivals other types of blinds. Wooden blinds can also blend subtly into any décor styles regardless of whether your home is traditional or more modern in style. Despite wooden blinds often being more expensive than their plastic counterparts, that does not mean that you should consider yourself priced out of wooden blinds before you inquire with us as to the cost for your window.

    Should blinds match the floor?

    Whilst the blinds in your room should suit the room aesthetically. Your blinds don’t need to match your flooring altogether. Many blinds add an element to complement any room. If you have a style in mind, our team of blind designers can help you choose from materials, patterns, and fabrics.


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